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We are a community led Pre-School Nursery based at  St.Bart’s Community Hall, Penn (opposite the Church). 


Our Sessions and Costs

We operate  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Morning Short          8.15 – 11.30     £16.50

Morning Long           8.15 – 12.30     £20.00

St Barts School Pick-up/Drop-off     £22.00

Afternoon  Short      12.30 – 3.45      £16.50

All day                        8.15 – 3.45       £32.50



Barts Busy Bees Playgroup & Pre-School Nursery
St Bart’s Community Hall,
Vicarage Road,

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Playgroups Nursery and Pre-school Tick Good OFSTED (achieved under the new more stringent 2016/17 grades)
Penn Playgroups Tick Children accepted from their 2nd birthday up to 5 yrs
Playgroup Nursery Pre-school Special Needs Additional Needs and special circumstances catered for
Barts busy bees Playgroup's technology tick Child iPads with video streaming, large screen and touch screen computers
Penn Tick Bright, happy environment
Playgroups in Wolverhampton Established and well integrated team
Little Hands Busy Brains Foundation stage curriculum (EYFS)
EYFS tick Terrific for 2’s Pre-School funding
In Wolverhampton, Penn Free/funded places for 3 yr olds
St. Barts Playgroup Penn Flexible Payment Options and methods (including Paypal)
Playgroup and Nursery WV4 Children accepted in nappies / pull-ups
Busy Little Hands Making and doing at Playgroup Nursery and Pre-school Friendly and qualified staff
Nursery and Preschool Places Wolverhampton Funding Easy parking
Nursery Penn St Bartholomew's school Price Promise
        • Click here to download our OFSTED report
        • We admit children from their 2 nd  birthday, up until August 31 st  following their 5 th  birthday. We don’t mind if they’re still in nappies, we will do all we can to help you to toilet train them when you want us to. Children follow the nationally approved  Early Years Foundation Stage  curriculum, giving them a great all-round educational start. We are also offering a wrap around service for children attending St Bartholomew’s Nursery, where you can bring your child to us and we will escort them to Nursery at 12.15pm, or we can collect them from Morning Nursery to attend our afternoon sessions.
        • For more information call us on 07855 915289
OFSTED says……… .      (Excerpts fom our OFSTED Report)

Children develop understanding and learn to respect others through a
selection of resources and displays depicting positive images of diversity.

OFSTED inspector

The active involvement of parents is encouraged through the setting’s website, newsletters and questionnaires to convey their views and preferences. Parents are carers are kept well informed about their children’s achievements through profiles and regular verbal feedback.

OFSTED inspector
Evaluation of the setting includes listening carefully to the views of staff, children and parents. Staff receive ongoing support from the management and attend a wide range of relevant training courses. One of the owners uses his expertise to monitor the security of the premises and to enhance the information and communication technology opportunities for children. These aspects lead to better outcomes for children.
OFSTED inspector

Staff support and reassure any new children. Good procedures have been adopted to protect children from the spread of infection, and staff take the necessary steps to promote their good health.

OFSTED inspector
They develop an admirable understanding of personal hygiene and healthy eating through a variety of learning opportunities and routines. They thoroughly enjoy fresh fruits at snack times, and help
themselves to drinks throughout the session. They have innovative opportunities to engage in a wide range of physical activities, both indoors and outdoors, such as those extending coordination, control, manipulation and movement.
OFSTED inspector
Children show an interest in the activities available and relate well to their peers
and staff, who support and encourage them to develop in confidence. They receive
positive interaction from the staff, who spend time talking to and playing with
OFSTED inspector
Staff create a bright and stimulating environment and offer an inclusive and welcoming service for all children and their parents. Effective deployment of resources promotes inclusion for all children.
OFSTED inspector

The partnership with the local community, other providers and for the most part with
parents contributes significantly to ensuring that the needs of all children are met.

OFSTED inspector

Friendly and welcoming staff promote the care of children in the setting. The
commitment and enthusiasm of the owners and staff to make continuous
improvement in the resources and the environment is the key strength.

OFSTED inspector

 For a list of Playgroups and Pre-School Day Nurseries in the area that accept funded places please check the family information service web site 

Unlike Barts Busy Bees not all Playgroups or Pre-School venues are covered by OFSTED or Follow the EYFS program of child development
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Barts Busy Bees Day Nursery Near St Barts school and church